Changes to German law on employment contracts

 Andreas Kössel

Andreas Kössel

Changes to German law on employment contracts

30.06.2022 | Employment Law

Changes to German law on employment contracts

New Verification Act (Nachweisgesetz) applies from 1 August 2022

As of August, the following additional information is required:

Short transition period - Stressful summer for employers

The new obligations apply to new hires as of 1 August.In contrast to the previous regulation, however, the employee must already have the written documentation with the information on the name and address of the contracting parties, the remuneration and its composition as well as the working hours on the first day of employment. The further documentation must be submitted within seven calendar days at the latest.

Employees hired before 1 August need only be informed in writing of their essential terms and conditions of employment if they request the employer to do so. In that case, a seven-day deadline applies. Information on leave, occupational pensions, compulsory training, dismissal procedures and applicable collective agreements must be provided within one month at the latest.

What else is new?

If the essential working conditions in existing employment relationships change, then the employer must have informed the employee at the latest on the day of the change. Changes in the law or in collective agreements or company or service agreements still do not have to be notified in writing.

Violations of the new rules can result in a fine of up to 2,000 euros.

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