Dr. Stephen Lampert

Dr. Stephen Lampert
Lawyer, Partner
  • Certified Specialist Lawyer in Administrative Law


Public Procurement Law

  • IT Public Procurement Law (procurement of hardware and software)
  • Practical experience in the healthcare sector (hospitals, health insurance companies)
  • Procurement of architectural and engineering services (VgV)
  • Purchase of catering and food services
  • Purchase of media services
  • Consulting in the defense and security sector (VSVgV)
  • Budgetary, Municipal and Price Law basics
  • Review proceedings; representation before the public procurement tribunals and courts

Constitutional and Commercial Administrative Law

  • Constitutional and Administrative Procedural Law
  • Public Media Law (license renewals, regulatory issues)
  • Public Planning and Building Law
  • Law of Public Enterprises
  • Product Safety Law (CE marking, standardization)
  • Law on Fees and Contributions
  • Foreign Trade Law/Legislation (customs/ export control)


  • Handelsblatt & Best Lawyers 2020: Dr. Stephen Lampert is one of the best lawyers in the field of Public Law in Germany 
  • Legal 500 Germany 2020: Recommended Lawyer


  • Law studies at the Universities of Hamburg and Speyer
  • Research assistant at the University of Hamburg
  • 1999–2001 Lawyer at an international Business Law firm
  • 2001–2003 Lawyer at a leading Business Law firm
  • Doctorate in Hamburg
  • 2003–2020 Lawyer at a leading Business Law firm
  • Certified Specialist Lawyer for Administrative Law
  • Joined LUTZ | ABEL in 2020


Best LaywersOne of the best lawyers in the field of Public Law in Germany.
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Legal 500 Germany 2020: recommended lawyer