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LUTZ | ABEL provides advice on a wide range of Construction & Real Estate matters on behalf of prominent regional and national clients. Our specialist lawyers have extensive experience in all areas of private construction law and real estate business law. Technical understanding, wide-ranging market and sector-specific know-how, a widespread network and the deployment of interdisciplinary teams are further key elements underpinning our services.

You dictate the scope of advisory services we provide: We can provide comprehensive legal advice and support on specific individual matters as well as on long-term projects, and will also represent you in court as necessary.


Our services in construction & real estate

Constuction Law for Principals
  • Founding of project companies, joint ventures, financing law consultation
  • Preparation of general planer, architect, engineer and project management agreements
  • Preparation of general contractor, individual trade and subcontractor agreements
  • Developer law
  • Preparation of PPP agreements
  • Legal project management (follow-up, construction time and defect management)
  • Consultation on the insurance of construction projects and real estate
  • Mediation, arbitration, adjudication
  • Conducting court and arbitration proceedings
  • Preparation of statements and legal opinions
  • Assumption of mediation, conciliation, adjudication or arbitration positions
Constuction Law for Contractors
    • Founding of work groups and joint ventures
    • Preparation of general planner, architect, engineer and project management agreements
    • Fee and liability law for architects and engineers
    • Preparation of building contracts and subcontractor agreements
    • Securities law (retention, guarantees, etc.)
    • Follow-up management (service changes, construction time, disrupted building procedures)
    • Consultation on the assertion of and defense against defect claims
    • Consultation in case of damage claims and on the insurance of building services
    • Consultation on construction work law
    • Out-of-court conflict resolution (mediation, arbitration, adjudication)
    • Representation during court and arbitration proceedings
    • Assumption of mediation, conciliation, adjudication or arbitration positions
Real Estate Law
    • Real estate-related project development
    • Consultation on the obtainment of building rights (development plans, urban development plans, building permits)
    • Real estate-related due diligence
    • Preparation and negotiation of real estate transactions (asset and share deals)
    • Development and negotiation of financing models
    • Awarding and contract law consultation on private/public partnership(PPP) models
    • Founding of and support for property companies and joint ventures
    • Real estate-related corporate law
    • Preparation and negotiation of leasehold agreements
    • Consultation on the creation of real estate property rights (easements, land charges, rights of first refusal, etc.)
    • Commercial tenancy law
    • Apartment tenancy law
    • Preparation and negotiation of rental contracts and lease agreements
    • Preparation and negotiation of service and facility management agreements
    • Preparation and negotiation of brokerage agreements

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Construction & Real Estate