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As a modern corporate law firm, we have integrated legal tech as an essential part of our range of services. We consistently rely on the transformative power of legal tech. By engaging in networks, we are actively shaping the future of the legal market and are constantly evolving. Let our enthusiasm for legal tech inspire you and discover how we can advise you even more effectively with the help of innovative technologies.

Thema: Legal Tech at L|A

This is how we use legal tech for you

Whistleblower system in cooperation with Vispato

The new Whistleblower Protection Act obliges companies and public institutions to set up an internal reporting office. It must be ensured that the whistleblower's data is kept confidential and documented. Furthermore, it must be possible to communicate with the whistleblower, and they must be informed of the receipt of the report and any follow-up measures within statutory deadlines.

In cooperation with Vispato GmbH, we offer you the entire process - from setting up and operating the reporting office to processing incoming reports - from a single source. The "Vispato" whistleblowing system is provided as software-as-a-service. It is operated 100% from Germany and is of course GDPR-compliant.

The outsourced internal reporting office is managed by our lawyers.

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Data protection information for complex online platforms

Online platforms, web stores and online portals with a wide range of functions need tailor-made data protection notices that provide information about the relevant data processing operations. In addition, online presences must be designed in compliance with data protection law, which is why data protection advice is highly recommended.

Many data protection generators are only suitable for simple online stores or websites. They do not offer data protection advice.

We provide clients with the data protection advice they need. With the help of our data protection generator, we can also quickly create tailor-made data protection notices for complex platforms and portals.

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Smart SaaS contract design

There is large number of SaaS solutions on the market. As varied as the selection and the respective range of functions of SaaS solutions are, so too are the aspects that need to be taken into account when drafting the relevant contract. In order to be comprehensively legally protected as a provider of a SaaS solution, the SaaS contract should reflect the special features of the respective SaaS solution and the planned business model. In the worst-case scenario, the unchecked adoption of standard formulations can leave potential liability risks unconsidered. It is therefore advisable to seek legal counsel when drafting standard customer contracts.

We offer our clients the practical advice needed when drafting SaaS contracts. Thanks to our legal tech solution for SaaS contract drafting, we can quickly and purposefully create customized SaaS contracts for use with customers.

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Customized non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

Almost every company has confidential information. The unauthorized use of trade secrets by contractual partners or third parties can result in considerable economic losses for the disclosing company. The protection of such confidential information through effective non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) is therefore highly relevant in order to protect the assets of the respective company.
A single rigid standard model sometimes does not adequately protect secrets and intellectual property rights or, in individual cases, may impose excessive requirements that hinder the conclusion of a contract. A good NDA should therefore take into account the sensitivity of the information concerned and the role of the contracting parties in the cooperation. The tailor-made design of a non-disclosure agreement for various deployment scenarios offers considerable advantages.
We offer practical advice on drafting the confidentiality agreements recommended for the respective deployment scenarios. Thanks to our legal tech solution, we can quickly provide NDAs tailored to the respective deployment scenario.

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Innovations for the legal sector of the future

Apart from specific legal tech-supported service offerings, we are constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to use modern technologies in our work for clients.

Legal Ai Network

As a member of the Legal AI Network and the Federal Association of Commercial Law Firms in Germany (BWD), we benefit from a forward-looking community. Access to the latest findings and solutions in the field of legal AI enables us to optimize our legal practice. The exchange with leading experts promotes collective intelligence, while joint projects create real added value. In this way, we are actively shaping the future of the legal industry.

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Further cooperations

We have also been using legal tech in the background in other areas for a long time to make our legal work even better and more efficient for you.